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Metro catering events was a life saver! Had a last minute meeting with clients who definitely needed to be impressed. Not only did the food all look amazing but it tasted even better! You will be my “go-to” catering service from here on in and I will be sure to tell my associates to use use.
Billy Simeonidis
Without the awesome folks at CafeMetro I would be lost! As an EA to a C-level individual i am responsible for multiple catering orders on a regular basis, and sometimes at the last minute. I ALWAYS order from the amazing crew at CafeMetro. The food is delicious, the presentation consistent and impressive, and the staff is professional and very capable. Huyen, Eli, and the rest of the staff is never disappoint and are a joy to work with because of their positive attitudes and streamlined ordering process. Highest recommendation!
Leigh Anne West
I’ve been using Cafe Metro catering for over 10 years. Always delicious and reliable. Best in NYC
Dena Boutsikakis
As foodie that makes arrangements for groups with strict dietary restriction i’m always looking to jazz it up impressed with how diverse their menu is…Metro Catering has something for everyone!
Gabriela Armanda
I use Metro Events every day at my television studios. They have the best staff and best food of anyone in New York.
Jeff Glicklin
great service, great food, great portions! FANTASTIC customer service!
Ana Diaz